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It saddens me that 2010 was a fairly dull year. There were some highs. There were some lows. However, nothing really sticks out in my mind as an event that helped shape my life or anything.

Quick recap below.


Altar Boyz closed off-Broadway. On that night, I saw so many people I had met throughout the course of the show; people I hadn’t seen in months since my interest in the show waned during its final cast. It was a show that really helped foster the way I delved into the theater community so, for that, I am extremely grateful for it.

Jess and I found an extremely awesome place called the Lakota Wolf Preserve. We decided to drive there on a whim and it was entirely worth the hour long drive there (plus the hour back). The wolves were beautiful and, since it had just snowed, it just looked incredibly peaceful. I really want to go back; perhaps I’ll take some new friends along.

Rose and Dagger. An insane night with Sasha and Autumn that will go down as one of the most random yet most fun times ever. Way too long in one place but a gorgeous piece was created after over three hours. For anyone looking to get a tattoo, go look up Logan Aguilar in NYC. You will not be disappointed.

American Idiot came to New York! I’d already heard about it (of course) but was unable to fly to California to see it during its out-of-town. I was able to attend the final soundcheck and I was blown away from the one song they performed. Want to relive it? I did too, so here’s a video courtesy of guitardude5321 on YouTube:

It was all over by then. It became “my show” and I absolutely fell in love with everything about it. I ended up going to the first preview and then Opening Night where I wore a rockin’ dress that is still one of my favorite things to wear ever!

I walked out of a show for the very first time in my life. It was very strange but it had to be done.

Though known as a Democrat, I met Meghan McCain this year which was a surprisingly great experience. Girlfriend knows how to dress too. I remember that her shoes were to die for.

Sara and I took a mini-vacation down in Arlington, VA. We actually took her car for once and I am so happy I didn’t have to drive it. I love her car but it scares the crap out of me with its sportiness. It was a fun weekend with new friends and some old ones. The picture to the right happened and caused a bit of a frenzy from some people that shall remain nameless while Sara and I laughed. A lot. And we maybe rolled our eyes a bit too. Anyway, it was a fun weekend. I don’t think we were too stressed over a trip for once. I know; it’s a bit shocking! Haha. There were many giggles to be had over photos with celebrities and we looked kick-ass at the ball.

Las Vegas friend Nikki came out to visit Sara and then the two of them came up to visit me! We went into the city and of course saw American Idiot. They just so happened to come up during the infamous Fleet Week. It was so much fun just to walk around, even if we did have a lot of time to waste. There was one group of guys from the Navy who, I swear, were practically charging for pictures in the middle of Times Square. The three of us watched them for a while, laughing, then we decided to ask some Marines for a pic… Because this doesn’t happen all the time, right?

iPhone4 came out. Done and done. I love it. I named mine Alec.

This is a huge deal, as some friends will be quick to note. I went to the beach and into the ocean for the first time in about… six years. GaspShockWUT?! It was a pretty Rhode Island beach though getting through the rocky drift to the soft sand hurt a lot. Haha.

I attended what was possibly my last Twilight convention. Sara and I bought the tickets the year before and actually tried to sell them but no one was biting. Haha. It was… An odd convention. We spent an entire day tipsy and rocked out like American Idiots at the ball. Sara stayed for a while before and after the convention which was possibly the best part of the weekend!

That was when I learned that friendships that are based on what can be attained from one party is not a friendship at all but a way to use people to the best of your abilities. I learned a bit in the hard way but I’m glad I learned that piece of advice.

I also learned that being well-known doesn’t mean you’ll do what is expected of you and that just because others claim you are a wonderful person, it’s the truth. I felt cheated and was pissed at the way I was treated. I don’t care what other people have told me; her emails and way of dealing with the situation put her in a terrible light and I won’t forget it.

After a year, Sara and I said farewell to HillyFans.Com. It was a fairly hard decision but it was something that needed to be done. I can’t speak for Sara (though I’m sure she’ll agree) but I am extremely happy with the decision. I didn’t need the stress and negativity in my life.

I went through a bit of a bad period but it tends to happen at least once a year. At least this one was bearable!

Bella the MacBook went on the fritz and there was a lost hard drive in there. I actually went without my own laptop for a few weeks and ended up getting a refurb MacBook Pro – slightly bigger than Bella. He is known as Masen the MacBook.

I ended the year very oddly. There were some family emergencies, then the whole family wasn’t together for the first time for the holidays. I actually rang in the new year completely alone. I was in my room, watching the ball drop, and when the 15-second countdown started, I just started crying. I wasn’t used to not having anyone around and it made me incredibly emotional. It was a small bout of crying though and I was done by 12:02.

That was it. Nothing super important happened. It wasn’t a terrible year but it wasn’t the best. It was just… Sort of there.


I wish I could say I had a year of intellectual reading but I didn’t. While a few of these reads were brilliantly amazing, I had a big period of reading terrible romance novels that made me laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all.

Hey, a girl needs that sometimes!

  1. Whisper. Phoebe Kitanidis
  2. Viola in Reel Life. Adriana Trigiani
  3. The Safety of Secrets. Delaune Michel
  4. Making Over Mr. Right. Judi McCoy
  5. Sisters Red. Jackson Pearce
  6. The Lightning Thief. Rick Riordan.
  7. Unidentified. Rae Mariz.
  8. Water for Elephants. Sara Gruen.
  9. Slow Hands. Leslie Kelly.
  10. Colters’ Woman. Maya Banks.
  11. Colters’ Wife. Maya Banks.
  12. Speed Dating. Nancy Warren.
  13. Back on Track. Abby Gaines.
  14. Baby Bonanza. Maureen Child.
  15. The Bride’s Baby. Liz Fielding.
  16. Riding Lessons. Sara Gruen.
  17. Flying Changes. Sara Gruen.
  18. Belonging to Them. Brynn Paulin.
  19. Desire in the Dark. Mains Simone.
  20. Erotique. Nicole Austin.
  21. Dangerous Lover. Lisa Marie Rice.
  22. Twilight. Stephenie Meyer.
  23. New Moon. Stephenie Meyer.
  24. Dangerous Secrets. Lisa Marie Rice.
  25. I Am Number Four. Pittacus Lore.
  26. Illusions. Aprilynne Pike.
  27. Don’t Breathe a Word. Jennifer McMahon.
  28. Before I Go to Sleep. S.J Watson.
  29. Napoleon’s Privates. Tony Perrottet.
  30. Delirium. Lauren Oliver.
  31. Where She Went. Gayle Forman.
  32. Shiver. Maggie Stiefvater.
  33. Ink Exchange. Melissa Marr.
  34. Fragile Eternity. Melissa Marr.
  35. Radiant Shadows. Melissa Marr.
  36. Darkest Mercy. Melissa Marr.
  37. Vampire Mine. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  38. Eat Prey Love. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  39. How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  40. Vamps and the City. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  41. Be Still My Vampire Heart. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  42. The Undead Next Door. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  43. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  44. Secret Life of a Vampire. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  45. Forbidden Nights With a Vampire. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  46. The Vampire and the Virgin. Kerrelyn Sparks.
  47. 666 Park Avenue. Alaina Davis.
  48. Favorite. Karen McQuestion.
  49. Slow Ride. Lorelei James.
  50. First Things First. Kurt & Brenda Warner.
  51. The Pearl at the Gate. Anya Delvay.



07 – Next to Normal
10 – Altar Boyz


19 – Billy Elliot
20 – Kathy Griffin


07 – Hair
11 – Hair
23 – American Idiot final soundcheck
24 – American Idiot opening preview


01 – American Idiot
08 – American Idiot
14 – American Idiot
17 – American Idiot matinee
17 – American Idiot evening
20 – American Idiot opening night


06 – American Idiot
18 – American Idiot
20 – Next to Normal
29 – American Idiot


01 – American Idiot
02 – American Idiot
10 – American Idiot
23 – American Idiot
27 – American Idiot


23 – American Idiot
24 – American Idiot matinee
24 – American Idiot evening
25 – Broadway Impact: American Idiot
26 – American Idiot
28 – American Idiot matinee


03 – American Idiot
07 – American Idiot
12 – Broadway at Bryant Park
14 – American Idiot
18 – American Idiot matinee
18 – American Idiot evening


26 – American Idiot matinee
29 – American Idiot


27 – American Idiot


17 – American Idiot
21 – American Idiot matinee


01 – American Idiot
18 – American Idiot matinee
23 – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson matinee
23 – American Idiot evening
25 – American Idiot
29 – American Idiot evening

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