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Welcome to NYC

It’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with cupcakes. In fact, I wrote about my love of cupcakes before. Well, it seems there is a potential new favorite in the mix, ladies and gentlemen.

You see, I knew of Sprinkles Cupcakes. After all, any cupcake lover would know about it – the first cupcake-only bakery. Yet, I’ve never tried it. Even when I was in LA last month, I didn’t get a chance to go; plus, my cousin swore there was another one in her area (whose name I can’t remember) that was better. I think my cousin worked at a Sprinkles once.

Besides the point.

There is now a Sprinkles in NYC. LMc decided we should go today so a group of us trekked along the streets of NYC. When we got there, more than half of the day’s cupcakes were chocolate and, as we know, I’m not a fan of chocolate cupcakes or chocolate cake. I can only have it in very small doses with the exception being anything red velvet. Now, while they had the quintessential red velvet cupcake, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I often base my love of a cupcake bakery on red velvet so I wanted to switch it up.

I, instead, decided to try the Key Lime cupcake which, according to the website, is a tangy key lime cake with key lime-vanilla frosting flecked with zest. It sounded really good especially for the first day of summer when the heat was a big muggy.

In case you couldn’t tell from the picture with bite marks, it’s really good. It’s not super sweet, which is often my problem with Magnolia and sometimes Crumbs. And all the flavors blended incredibly well together, which is a problem I’ve noticed with Georgetown Bakery. Of course, I’ve only had one cupcake. More research must be done. L-Ko just told me they’re rolling out a Blueberry Lemonade on Friday.

I have to admit, however, that my enjoyment of Sprinkles does not come lightly. I didn’t really want to like it. I didn’t want to hate it but I had hoped the power of Georgetown and Crumbs would overcome the original cupcake bakery. I’m also not a huge fan of the creator when she is on Cupcake Wars but that’s a personal thing.

But I do like it.

A lot.

Though I’m baffled at the fork given with the cupcake. It’s wooden. It’s a wooden fork. When I picked mine up, it had some pieces coming out, not unlike a chopstick, but at least with chopsticks, I can rub them together and get rid of those things so I don’t get a splinter. I was a little scared using this one. Also having to do with the fork, it sorta likes to cling to the icing or well, I guess the better way to say that is the icing likes to cling on the wooden fork. That’s a waste of icing!!

I suppose this summer may be used to try out different cupcakes? I’m gonna have to work out some more…


One response to “Welcome to NYC

  1. Sara 21 June 2011 at 3:15 pm

    I have some comments about cupckaes. Haha.

    – Bet you I can make a better key lime than Sprinkles, just saying. While mine has the same icing, the cake is a blend of key lime and graham… kind of like the pie. It’s awesome.
    – They released a recipe for their strawberry cupcakes and I made it… and it’s the most bland, flavorless thing in the world. Not impressed, Sprinkles.
    – I watched DC Cupcakes yesterday. They are whiny, WHINY ladies.

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