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A Peek Backstage

God, you all must be super sick of hearing me talk about Sleeping Beauty Wakes but I can’t help it! It really is an awesome show and recently, Bryce Ryness and Aspen Vincent put together a little photo album on I love looking at anything that delves behind the scenes. Anyway, I just wanted to post the link on here so you all can see the fun times it looks like. I don’t actually know how fun it is because it’s not like I’m part of the show but whatever, that is entirely besides the point.

Aspen and Bryce using the upstage crossover. Due to the rear projectors, the crawl space is only about five feet high. Effect on Aspen: 0. Effect on Bryce: High.

So just click on that photo and see the entire gallery on!

Oh! Also… Cyber cookies (the good kind, not the spammish kinds) to anyone who can find me in this one:

All photos taken by Bryce Ryness and Aspen Vincent, courtesy of – aka – I took them in order to link to the site.


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