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Powerhouse Vocals and Crazy Times

So,Wednesday night, L-Ko and I had dinner and went to see a show because it was $5 and how could anyone say no to a show that cheap? We headed to the Marriot Marquis Broadway lounge place and had some turkey clubs. It was good. A lot of fun but good. I also brought her to Amy’s Bread where I had my normal yellow cupcake with pink icing. OmNomNom.

I actually didn’t know a thing about how the show was going to be done. I knew the bare minimum about it – it was based on the true story of Florence Greenburg and The Shirelles. Yeah, that was about the extent of my knowledge and, I knew from watching some videos, that I actually loved some of the songs the girl group did. So I wasn’t sure what to expect and neither did L-Ko.

But what you, dear readers, have to know is that when L-Ko and I get together, strange things happen. It’s come to the point where we don’t even have to say anything to each other. We just see something and know. We arrived at the theater with some time to spare – always a good thing. We were in the back orchestra and I’d sat back there for Les Miserables once and it was fine. Except a guy sat in front of me who completely blocked my view of the center of the stage. It wasn’t that he was especially tall; I’m just really short. It wasn’t too terrible.

At the point, two things happened.

  1. A lady and her older man-friend walked in. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal except this lady looked like she was stuck in the 80s – or thought she was going to see Rock of Ages. We’re talking a leather corset dress, a leather bomber jacket, tights ripped strategically all up the backs of her thighs, and booties. To add to that image, she and her older man-friend (no, really, older), sat down and were all about the cuddling and making out. Please. I don’t need to see that.
  2. Three women behind us (in their 50s or 60s maybe) started eating tuna fish subs. I’m  being so serious. What, exactly, were these ladies thinking??

Already, the night seemed like it was going to be crazy and annoying.

Cue the man who would sit in front of L-Ko. He was probably about 6’3 or something… But he was also wide. He was built like a linebacker and basically ruined L-Ko’s view of the stage. I figured, though, that we’d only have to deal with it for one act since I saw a bunch of aisle seats that were empty.

So the show started and, I have to say, I liked it. The story is based on a true one so the plot was already there. What really made the show enjoyable for me was the fact that I loved every actor’s voice. Normally, I find someone whose voice I don’t really like or there’s a song I can’t stand because of the person singing, but that wasn’t the case at all for this show. Beth Leavel is, of course, brilliant and I’m a very big fan of Christina Sajous’ voice. It’s amazing though, that there is so much talent in one show. The second act was more enjoyable (I think L-Ko agrees) but I think a large part of that was because we moved and had a much better view of the stage and the action.

The show was fun. I was surprised that I knew as many songs as I did. It’s not one I plan on seeing multiple times but it is one that I would tell people to see, especially in a current season of shows where not much has impressed me.


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