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And Away We Go!

Well… I’m currently in the skies right now, making my way to the West Coast, where Los Angeles will hopefully greet me with warm weather and less allergies. I’m banking on the first but not holding my breath for the second.

The plane was scheduled to leave at 8:45. I have no idea if that’s what happened but if I’m in the air right now, I’m assuming I’m starting to settle in. If I slept last night, I’m probably rooting around my bag for my Kindle and, if I didn’t, I am most likely popping a Benadryl or something similar so that I knock myself out.

Oh, but I do love the cheese/crackers/grape plate they sell so I might be forcing myself awake to get that. Knowing my luck, though, it’ll be sold out by the time the cart gets to us.

The flight is P-A-C-K-E-D. I always try to get better seats in the weeks/days leading up to departure but there was absolutely nothing available when I looked except exit row seats – the ones with a limited incline. How crappy.

Anyway, I’ll be posting pictures and updates from my Twitter account if you want to follow my trip. I don’t think anything major will happen but just in case… You know where to find me.

The posts during this week will be either book reviews or a photo from vacation. The photos are easy to upload through my phone (I’m leaving my MacBook home for this vacation) and the book reviews were done beforehand and are ready to be posted.

Miss me! 😉


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