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Better Than a Fairy Tale… Almost

Like so many millions and billions of other people around the world, I was awake to see Prince William marry Kate Middleton this morning and I’m very glad I did. Okay, I actually needed to be awake for other reasons as well but why not watch the royal wedding as I got ready for my day? I managed to turn my television on just after 6 am – Kate was already halfway (or more) down the aisle and, honestly, all I could think was, “She looks gorgeous and I love that dress.”

But really. I LOVED THE DRESS.

I thought it was a beautiful mix of classic and modern. My favorite part, believe it or not, were the sleeves and the lace detailing on them. It showed just a hint of skin to be more modern than what I would have possibly suspected at a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey but it was still a classic line of white (or was it ivory?).

Anyway, I’ve always thought Kate Middleton was pretty, not necessary in the She should be a supermodel type of way but in more the girl next door is a knockout type of way. You all know what I mean, don’t you? Anyway, I think she was the perfect example of a beautiful bride. And she looked so happy! Her smile was pretty.

Oh my God, I’m totally fangirling on the poor girl… Except not so poor… And not so much a girl… More like a rich duchess now.

I also really loved the (not so simple) tiara that was on loan from the Queen. It fit her perfect.

Speaking of perfectly, I heard on the radio that she took some make-up classes… Then did her own make-up for her wedding. Okay, can we say kudos to her because most people I know that get married, have someone come in and do it for them. Insane.

I sat and watched the entire ceremony – sleepy hymns and all. It was a good distraction from the fact that I was attempting to chug down 32 ounces of water before 7 am. That is not the point of the post so I’ll continue.

I wasn’t born yet when Charles and Diana (look at me talking about them as if I know/knew them) married on television so this was a first for me. Plus, I’m so used to Filipino weddings and a handful of American weddings that I wasn’t sure if anything would be different. It was mostly the norm, nothing very special in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun to watch. However, the title of this post mentions that it was almost a fairy tale and the reason was that moment when Prince William was putting the ring on Kate’s finger. I wasn’t the only who noticed that, right? I really didn’t think he’d be able to get it on there and I’m just thinking, “Did they size it incorrectly? Why isn’t it fitting? This is so wrong!” There was much twisting and turning and pushing. I’m surprised her finger didn’t turn bright red or something for all that he was doing to try and get the ring on that finger. I guess it’s safe to say it won’t come off though, right?

Now… For a moment here… I’d like to take a break from the loveliness of the newly-branded Duchess of York and her hubs and focus on some other fashions of the day, or in some cases, the WTF-fashions of the day.

I want to focus on this beautiful piece first.

Pippa (is that her real name?), Kate’s sister acted as, I guess what we call the Maid of Honor but apparently is not called the Maid of Honor over the Atlantic. Anyway, it’s an Alexander McQueen dress and I seriously kept staring at the dress (and her) whenever she was on-screen. It fit flawlessly and I really liked the simplicity of the dress, the hair, the make-up. I don’t know what kind of shoes she’s wearing but I’ll forgive that because I don’t feel like searching online for a picture of them (if one was even taken).

I thought the pages and tiny bridesmaids were adorable too in their cute little dresses and uniforms or whatever.

Then there was a couple that looked quite dapper but, apparently, the man just had too many faux pas elements happening.

I enjoy Victoria’s sleek look. Is she pregnant? I feel like that may be a possibility only because she’s not usually one to wear such billow-y dresses. Yes, I know it’s the royal wedding but I’ve seen her dress classy in more form-fitting dresses. Whatever. Either way – whether she’s preggers or not – I thought she had a very classic dress going on and of course she has her platform heels.

Then there’s David Beckham who, while looking way too hot as always, apparently had two misses: the first was that he just held his top instead of, you know, actually putting it on and the second was that his medal was on the right side of his coat. Now, I don’t know anything about these rules. I’m only going by what the CNN people were saying. I think it was actually Anderson Cooper who mentioned that the medals are supposed to be on the left side. I could almost imagine him wagging a finger at the soccer player for messing up.

Speaking of hats, Victoria’s wasn’t all that bad. It was small with a bit of a decoration. I could appreciate it. I think the whole hat-business is very strange for these royal functions but, hey, if one has to be worn, I say go for one like this.

NOT one of these.

I’m still really trying to figure out the hats of the Princesses. Beatrice’s hat is a cross between a ribbon and a pacifier and Eugenie’s reminds me of a pirate’s hat, complete with feather plume. Santa Montefiore’s hat is reminiscent of a peacock (though of the four, it’s probably the one I have the least problems with), and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson? Her royal blue hat – while the shade of the hat and dress are truly stunning – reminds me of a female’s intimate areas with its shape and giant flower stuck at the center.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Can someone explain to me the significance of the hats? Were they always supposed to be like this? Is it sort of like, “the more outlandish, the better” or something? I just don’t know.

Anyway… To end the post, let’s go back to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I managed to catch them waving to the crowds from their carriage (see picture up top). William looked good with that hat on and Kate, well, Kate was still beautiful. Nothing changed there. Unfortunately, I had to go to the doctor’s and missed the iconic balcony kiss but managed to catch it online a couple of hours later. They were so adorable and I love that William looked like he was blushing.

Anyway, congrats to them. Hope they’re happy. Hope they make it last throughout the years. Hope she continues staying gorgeous, blah blah blah.

The Royal Wedding is over. Now I’m just going to wish I had that tiara. Mmmm.


6 responses to “Better Than a Fairy Tale… Almost

  1. Sara 29 April 2011 at 1:44 pm

    1. Pippa = Phillippa.
    2. Posh is pregnant. It’s a girl.
    3. Sarah Ferguson’s girls looked horrific.

  2. Mary 29 April 2011 at 1:46 pm

    THANK you!

    I knew Pippa couldn’t be her real name. It just wasn’t right.
    Finally, she gets a girl.
    I’m still horrified at the York Princesses.

    • Sara 29 April 2011 at 1:51 pm

      I like how you write this whole nice post about the wedding and I comment on the 3 most ridiculous things.

      • Mary 29 April 2011 at 1:54 pm

        Dude… I fangirl’ed Kate and made fun of hats. Totally not a post that should be taken seriously. 😉 Plus! You answered two of my questions. Win.

  3. leeleegirl4 29 April 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I think the crazy hats were simply because they could make them unique. Maybe they wanted to make absolutely certain that no one would wear the same hat.

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