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Sing Out, Louise!

So last night was the premiere of NBC’s THE VOICE – I felt the need for that to be completely capitalized. Why? Because it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m pretty sure I love everything about this competition but my favorite part of it are the judges and their reactions – both to the singers and to each other.

For those that aren’t aware (and there may be a few of you since it only started last night), these four judges:

listen to someone sing – and only listen to them sing. They sit in these huge ugly chairs and have no idea what the singer looks like or if they’re having fun or anything like that. If they decide they like someone’s voice, they hit a button and their chair spins around so they finally see the person. For the duration of the performance, the judges can choose to turn around. A few times last night (more often than not), multiple judges spun around and this is where my favorite part comes in. You see, the judges are actually mentors and they’re choosing singers for their teams. In doing so, they often banter and tease each other while convincing the singer to choose him or her. My favorite moments are definitely the ones between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Those two love fighting over singers.

The kicker is that, if two or more mentors want the same person, it’s the singer who chooses which mentor he or she wants to go to.

It seems so simple but man, it’s just a really great premise. Every now and then, the cameras make it so that the viewers follow along with the judges, and we don’t see the singer until the middle of his or her performance. It’s kind of awesome. So many times, people are judged on looks or someone will say, “Well… He/She can’t sing but man, the performance was awesome!” I like that this one, first and foremost, focuses on vocal abilities.

At the end of last night’s episode, my current thoughts are:

  • Adam Levine may be the pickiest mentor when it comes to performers but he definitely has the strongest singers
  • Blake Sheldon is tall as hell and he’s very pretty
  • Adam and Christina Aguilera arguing over people kills me; it makes for awesome television
  • The tweeting from the judges that pop up on screen are so much fun to read
  • I really am not a fan of Cee-Lo and he’s kind of creepy when it comes to girls
  • Christina may have chosen wrong with Frenchie
  • Contestant Jeff is awesome. It helps that he sang one of my favorite songs.
  • Javier was the best performance

Check back next week for more thoughts on The Voice.


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