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Gym Sights

Okay, so I started going to the gym hardcore again this week – it was touch and go for a while with stupid weather and bad eye allergies – and I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. Going to the gym at night is better than right after work. When I went up to the cardio area, there were four elliptical machines to choose from instead of one that four of us are running toward.
  2. I am so out of shape but I’m still working on it. I went for a shorter time frame on the machine but upped the level of intensity. I figure I can waffle between the two until I get used to working out again.
  3. I can handle a lot more weight than I originally thought. Phew.
  4. There are some annoying and amusing people at the gym:

Tonight, I found a gaggle – that is, three girls who came up to the cardio together. They looked ready to exercise – yoga pants, t-shirts (or a tank), sneakers. They each had a water bottle and a phone with headphones plugged in. They conversed while they wandered the area, which is fine; no one says you have to be silent at a gym. That would just be weird.

However, they kept walking around… Until they finally left… And I overhead one of them mention that she “really hated when there aren’t three machines together.”

I was baffled. I’ve gone to the gym with other people before – mostly my siblings – and while it’s fun to work out next to each other, we never needed to do that. If there weren’t any together, we worked out separately until we were finished. It was very strange to see and hear.

I later saw them in the ab room (I wanted to do a few crunches but decided to work on other body parts tonight instead), gathered around one of the crunch machines; one would do about five crunches then take a break to chat with the other two who were standing above her. Spotting her? Puh-lease.

I’m all about working out with other people but uh… Can we move away from the machines when it’s playtime?


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