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It’s Not That I Don’t Care…

Except maybe it is.

I found out on Saturday that the premiere for Water for Elephants (which I can’t wait to see) was on Sunday. My response? “Oh that’s cool.”

I knew some people who decided to get in on the premiere action. They were way close to Robert Pattinson, got his autograph, and some pictures. My response to that? “I’m so happy for them.”

The thing is, at some point in the near past, I probably would have been silently planning the best way to attend the premiere or I may have even been a little jealous about those that were close to him.

But really… I don’t care that much anymore.

Okay, wait, I should clarify. I don’t really care much anymore with anything regarding the ‘fan aspect,’ by which I mean, I don’t mind that I miss his appearances on television shows, I find joy in my friends being happy even if I’m not part of the hoopla, and I’m perfectly happy just seeing the movies.

Last year, when it was announced that the Twilight Trio would be appearing at the Los Angeles stop of The Official Twilight Convention (re: TwiTour), I sort of went into lockdown mode. I called the people I trusted (BFF, Jibs, Red) and asked the simple question, “Do I want to spend the money on this?” To be honest, I had already put myself through the entire buying process; all I had to do was press ‘Buy’ for the final time. I ended up not going but this incident is perhaps the best indication for the majority of one of my Twitter feeds.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the kid is still really gorgeous. Okay, sometimes he looks way grunge-like and almost like there may or may not be some grime lurking in some areas, but don’t we all have bad days? I’m just lucky I don’t have people snapping photos of me when I’m in that ‘I don’t give a fuck what I look like’ type of mindset. But yeah, he’s still really frickin’ pretty. Just take a look at this post’s photo from yesterday’s premiere.

I’ll also still go see his movies. Granted, I probably won’t go see all of them or I haven’t seen all of the ones that are out. I mean, listen, I tried to watch Little Ashes but I couldn’t get past the first 20 minutes or something. That movie was just not for me which is a shame because Dali? Interesting. I did, however, love his acting chops (Rob’s not Dali’s, obviously) in Remember Me. The appearance of Emilie de Ravin in that movie was almost enough to make me never want to see it (and okay, the emotional aspect) but I sucked it up, ignored her as best as I could, and watched it. Boy can act. It’s not his fault the Twilight Saga writers don’t give him much to work with.

I digress.

Damn, what was the point of this blog again?

Oh, right.

So, recently, Rob P. has been doing the press junket for WfE. That’s awesome and, you know, normal for an actor and a movie but I just can’t bring myself to care. If I happen to catch a link on my Twitter feed, I’ll probably click it (about an 85% chance there) when I have a free moment at work. If a picture is linked (like the one above), I’ll click it, look at it, smile, and maybe use it like I did in this blog. But I just… I don’t care enough to set my DVR to record him rehashing what fame has been like and as cute as all the stories about the elephant are… Well, I mean, do I really need to know that?

Probably not.

Though they are really cute.

Seeing him with an elephant reminds me of when I was younger (and first watched Aladdin) and wanted a pet tiger. Clearly, tigers were not made to be pets, no matter how many fabulous men think so.

I think I’ve lost the entire point of this post… Because that baby tiger is so cute and it makes me want one again.


So, to end it all… I’m still a fan of Robert Pattinson (imperfections and all – I mean, he needed to calm down about the leaked photos, okay?) but I’m not super-watcher-of-television-appearances anymore.

But that’s okay.

Once upon a time, I followed (practically religiously) Hanson religiously. I won’t even get into all the television appearances (and Mmmbop videos!) I have on tape.

Mmmm… Hanson… My first real taste/glimpse of a fandom and the hysteria surrounding celebrities. Those times were crazy but so much fun to remember.

Oh my God, I’ve lost my grasp of this post! I’ll end it here before I start spouting random things about Scottish fold cats, the Disney princesses, and who knows what else?

PS – I know Rob has said he’s terrible with lines in past interviews (see? I used to watch that shit all the time) but I’m still waiting for him to do live theatre… Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead? Anyone? Anyone else? No? Just me?


4 responses to “It’s Not That I Don’t Care…

  1. Susie 18 April 2011 at 11:05 am

    Nice post. I almost laughed out loud though, scrolling and reading and then being like AH why’s there a picture of Hanson?! Haha. I’ve been the same way too at times, and I have some embarrassing Hanson relics as well. Sometimes I’m just amazed by people and what they’ve done that I want to get in their heads. I’m obsessed with following the creators of Community and Scrubs on Twitter, as well as Donald Glover who is like a crazy super human who does everything. I want to know MOAR! haha. You know, I think this topic is just meant for rambling… I’ll stop now. šŸ˜›

    • Mary 18 April 2011 at 11:14 am

      Yes! You know how much I love rambling. I mean… Let’s be real here… You and I conveniently walked past Remember Me sets… And that wasn’t too long ago. Or was it? Maybe it was. Susie, how long have we known each other, omg?!

      I used to have a gigantic binder of Hanson photos and interviews and articles. I think I threw it out a few months ago though. Or maybe I kept in for the future when I needed to laugh at myself.

      I still get obsessed with some things but I think, for the most part, it just comes and goes now.

      What was I talking about again? Damn. šŸ˜‰

  2. iamjudithdiaz 18 April 2011 at 12:21 pm

    lol… I like the way u wrote this.. So real… Eventhough I only got attracted with Rob’s pic at first, hahaha, but truly this is nice post!

  3. jilly 19 April 2011 at 11:41 pm

    okay, because your ADD has set off my ADD, i can only comment on the p.s. portion, lol.

    i’d love to see Rob do something live. idk what he says about being horrible about it. that boy is the worst judge of himself.

    tiger kittens are cute.

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