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Top 5 List – Sports Teams That Have Nothing to Do With NJ/NY

Earlier this year, as I was attempting to come up with Top 5 ideas, BFF challenged me to come up with five teams I enjoyed/liked/loved/appreciated/whatever that had nothing to do with New Jersey or New York. As a girl born and bred in New Jersey (and whose entire life minus a year or two lived in the Northern part of the state), it’s no surprise that my favorite sports teams hail from my area.

It was difficult, let me tell you guys, and sometimes the reasoning behind my like for the team is superficial and stupid but hey – whatever works, right?



Really… I was just a fan of Michael Jordan.



Okay, look, I too was rooting for Michael Phelps during the 2004 Summer Olympics but I have always had this odd fascination with Ian Thorpe. I think it was his body suit. He’s the reason why I was rooting for the Australians to win the relay race which they didn’t but hey, second place ain’t bad, boys.



David Carr is a hot and sexy man.
Okay, okay, I know this is a seriously weird team to like, especially as a Giants fan, but I actually remember (very vaguely) seeing my very first Superbowl on TV and it was in 1990 when I was five and a half years old. I knew nothing about it and the TV was small but I’m pretty sure I thought their uniforms were cool.



It’s not my absolute favorite sport but I am constantly intrigued by soccer. I mean, there are a ton of men just running back and forth with a tiny freakin’ ball. I’ve tried to do the whole soccer thing and I was terrible at it (apparently, I can’t juggle with my feet; this is why I did volleyball) so I have the utmost respect for the fact that they dribble and kick and use their knees and heads (ouch!). Anyway, back in the.. 2006 World Cup, man, you all should have seen me following everything. I knew the basic stats of the French team but I wasn’t an avid follower. They were at the top of my list though; I pegged them to win the whole damn thing and I was so close to being correct. I’m still bitter about it. Anyway… that was the summer after I graduated college. I didn’t have a job yet and I was taking the time to do job interviews and relaxing but I sat in front of the television any time a game was playing. It was pretty scary, now that I think about it.



Not exactly what you were expecting, huh? The truth is – my love for the Wings (and subsequently, indoor lacrosse) stems from my internship during senior year. I worked at the Wachovia Center/Spectrum but also did sales/marketing for the Wings. Part of my job was to be at the games (all the interns were part of the Fan Patrol Squad or something) and I often had to run out onto the field to pump up the crowds and all of those fun things (that wasn’t sarcasm, by the way, it really was fun). Watching all those guys made me really enjoy the sport and because of all the time (an entire season only, sadly) I spent with them, the Wings are the only Philly team I’ll ever like. Ha.


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