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When Beauty Was Real

When I saw this photograph, I fell in love.

Yes, Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful; there’s no doubt about that but this photograph, which was taken by Roddy McDowell to be a gift for Mike Todd, shows the beauty of realism and curves.

Okay… It has come to my attention from the always awesome Jackson Pearce (who I believe found out from someone else that I do not know) that the photograph isn’t Elizabeth Taylor as people were saying but is actually a photo of Lee Evans taken by Peter Gowland. Yet, my assessment still stands despite the lady. She is still a beautiful woman whose body shows the true beauty of a realistic woman of curves and shadows in realism.

Stephanie Pellegrin – an awesome lady author I met back in ’09 – made a comment about the photo via Twitter and I think it sums it up:

That’s lovely. Today that would be photoshopped to pieces.

It’s very true. If this were to be put in a magazine today, I have no doubt that the tiny creases along her hip and stomach – gorgeous curves of a female body – would be “conveniently” wiped away with a Photoshop brush.

But this photo shows a real woman to me, a beautiful woman, and I wish this could be fully appreciated by the media today because she is a woman who loves her body enough to share it.

Click on the “Read More” link to see the photo as it shows a bit of nudity.


2 responses to “When Beauty Was Real

  1. Stephanie P 8 April 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Well no matter who she is, I still think it’s a lovely and beautiful picture.

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