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You’re a Wizard!

MT and I went to Harry Potter The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square tonight. This is the exhibit that we were originally going to travel to Boston for a while back but decided we couldn’t make it happen. Good thing it came to us instead!

The exhibit is fantastic. It’s not that long; it took us a little over an hour to get through the entire exhibit and a lot of that was because we chose to do the audio guides. Those are worth $7, in case you were wondering; there are some awesome tidbits from the production crews and producers.

Anyway, the exhibit has costumes (Cedric Diggory’s Yule Ball costume! Draco Malfoy’s uniform from Year 2!), props (whoa that TriWizard cup is BIG), and crazy-amazing set pieces (walking through the doors of the Great Hall is mesmerizing). They’re just so fun to look at. MT and I kept pointing things out to each other. You know, just in case one of us happened to miss something.

If you can get to it, you should. So much fun!!



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