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Obsession: KW on DWTS

Yes. You read that correctly. I’m more than a little obsessed with Kendra Wilkinson (most notably of The Girls Next Door fame but now also famous for her own reality show, Kendra) on Dancing With the Stars.

I’ll say that I don’t always watch the show. Once in a while, I realize that someone I like or enjoy is a new contestant and I’ll catch an episode or two. I tend to always watch the finales though. What you should realize, though, is that my father watches it all the time and he DVRs it and keeps them on DVDs. We all dance a bit of ballroom so it’s really fun to watch the dances over and over.

When I heard Kendra was going to be on the show, I couldn’t help but be a little excited. You see, back when I watched The Girls Next Door, I tended to love Kendra’s parts because (1) she really didn’t give a damn, (2) she says some of the dumbest things sometimes then proceeds to laugh at herself for making them, (3) she cracks me up. After Holly Madison’s third week elimination in Season 8 (yeah, I watched that season for a while too), I hoped Kendra would go further but had no idea how she’d do. After all, the only thing I ever saw her do on The Girls Next Door was shake her booty.

And oh, how I love her on the show already. The thing I love the most? She’s still so carefree and it’s obvious that she’s willing to put herself out there and try anything when it comes to ballroom dancing. I never would have thought they’d pair her up with Louis Van Amstel but man, they work well together so far and it is so fun to watch her.

She danced the Cha Cha on her first night and while it wasn’t perfect (I mean, honestly, who has a perfect dance the first night of DWTS? Wait, don’t answer that…), it was fun and she was smiling and she shook her booty like she knows how! My favorite part was her comment about feeling like she was “dancing like a stripper” then realizing… Oh wait! She used to be one! This past Monday, she danced the Quickstep – first of all, she looked gorgeous. I know she had to dress up for some occasions in the past but I’ve never actually seen her look that pretty and well, lady-like, for lack of a better word.

She’s currently in the middle of the pack but, man, do I hope she makes it longer. I really, really, really love watching her!


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