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I Like the Pink!

One of the recent questions given to PostaDay participants was:

Chocolate or Vanilla?

My first response?

What about Strawberry????

You see, when it comes to ice cream, I was always a strawberry girl. Come to think of it, I would always order a strawberry milkshake too. I just like the fruity taste of it. I love strawberries to begin with so when it gets mixed with ice cream, I basically have no limit.

But alas, some places don’t carry strawberry milkshakes, which means I learned to love vanilla shakes. In the ice cream department, I really only enjoy vanilla bean and definitely not French vanilla. Blech.

And, to the shock of many friends, I am actually not a chocolate girl when it comes to ice cream or cakes or cupcakes. Red velvet is the only exception, to be honest. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like pieces of chocolate sometimes; I get cravings for it just like any other person, but as a whole? No, no… I am not a chocolate girl.

Feel free to comment with “Say what, girlfriend?!”

Oh, wait, I do love hot chocolate. That is a weakness of mine. 😉


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