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Religious Love

What would you give up for love? What would you pass up? What would you gain?

Such are the questions to ponder in MICHAL, the first installment of THE WIVES OF KING DAVID, by Jill Eileen Smith – an epic story surrounding King David of the Bible, you know, the one who slayed the giant Goliath.

It’s not exactly my type of reading. In fact, the only reason I even downloaded it to my Kindle was because it was on the Free list. When I read the description, I was instantly intrigued, not because I’m an avid reader of the Bible, but because it just sounded interesting. That was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made regarding books.

Set against a backdrop of Israel circa 1000 BC, MICHAL tells the tale of the daughter of King Saul who chooses her love of David over her father’s ruling. It’s a twisted tale of family and loyalty and family. There are gruesome moments that are gag-worthy, tender moments that make hair rise in anticipation, and heart-wrenching moments that make chests hurt and cry.

Far from being perfect, the perspective tends to jump around a bit too much for my liking, especially for a book that is titled after a main character. While it’s sometimes interesting to find out what is happening outside of Michal’s story, there are no warnings to the transitions which tends to be jarring to the reader.

That being said, this is a book I would definitely recommend. It sometimes seems a bit long but the traditions of the time period as well as the connection of writing about God are really poignant and interesting.

How interesting? Well, let’s put it this way. When I finished the book, I asked my parents if there was a Bible I could borrow because I wanted to read the actual book of Samuel.

It won’t be for everyone and it’s thick with history and religion but if anyone is willing to read it, it’s worth it.


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