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Starting From Scratch


I went to the doctor today and nothing he said was a surprise.

Wait… There was one thing. I’m shorter than I thought. It was a very sad moment especially when the nurse reminded me that I wouldn’t be getting any taller. No shit, lady, but still a sad moment.

However, I already knew I had to lose weight. And, I have to admit, I’ve missed going to a gym. When I was a member at NYSC and I started going, I finally found a rhythm with exercising. It was a good feeling.

Then I stopped.

Canceled the membership.

And here I am… What? A year later?

So I joined another gym…

The one by my house is new. And huge. It has a pool and two floors and of course they have classes and stuff.

What sold me?

There weren’t any contracts. I had to pay the initiation fee (which sucks, but what can ya do?) and the first & last month’s dues. My card gets charged on the same date every month until I call and tell them I no longer want to be a member, in which case I’ll have my final 30 days with them.

I liked that.

Anyway… I also brought out the Wii Fit again. It doesn’t do as much but at least it’s a little something extra on days I don’t want to go to the gym. I usually go an average of four times a week – every other day, basically, so maybe on the off days, I can do some Wii Fit fun stuff. Haha.

So… That was my day today.

Wish me luck!


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