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Chocolate Heaven

I am a Lindt girl. I’ve always been a Lindt girl. I’m not a fan of Godiva (though they’re chocolate covered strawberries are really good) or Ghiardelli (though I’ll have one if it’s around) or See’s. There’s just something about those Lindt truffles with their creamy centers that get me.

But I’ve found a better chocolate.

I’ve always passed this place on my walk from Port Authority to work but, to be honest, it just looks expensive so I never went in.

Well, that changed today.

You see, as I was reading Metro on the subway, I noticed a tiny blurb that said the store was holding ganache demonstrations and handing out free samples from noon until five in celebration of two limited edition chocolates coming out on 2/25. During lunch, L-Ko, LMc, KayJ, and I went to the store. Yeah, it was basically heaven.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to have it all the time or even occasionally. It’s going to be more of a “once in a while rarely” type of buy. The tiny chocolates (and I mean tiny as in I could eat them in one swallow but I took two or three tiny bites to savor the flavors) are priced at $2.10 each. Most of the chocolate boxes that are about a quarter of a pound start at $40.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s normal but… I don’t think so. Haha.

It’s a good treat to have though.


I’m about to eat my fourth and final piece of chocolate… A dark chocolate one with hazelnut and almond.



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