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Another Op’ning, Another Show

The February slump for Broadway shows is coming to an end. At the end of March, many shows will begin previews before an opening a few weeks later (note: Spiderman may not be including in these ‘opening’ shenanigans).

So I’m going to make a statement today, this 21st of February.

I am determined to see ALL the shows I want to see once.

I will not see one show week after week or multiple times a week even if I find a show I love in the vein of Spring Awakening, Hair, or American Idiot.

I will allow myself to see a show more than once if – and only if – a friend from out of town or a family member wants to see that show and would like to see it with me.

I refuse to be deterred from seeing a show because of “crappy” seats. I will survive on rush seats, lotto seats, and even seats up in the back mezzanine if it means saving money. The only time I will do partial views, however, is if I am (a) certain that I will not miss too much by talking to someone who has previously sat in said seats before or (b) I have lost lotto way too many times and it’s getting pathetic.

Let’s see how well I can do this.


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