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Hands Up!

I was reminiscing about college days earlier and realized I could sort f answer the question of the day about the worst trouble I’ve ever gotten into.

It’s tame in comparison to some things but, well, you gotta read…

I was a freshmen. I don’t know when during the year it was but it was well enough into the year that I was starting to find my niche with some people. Someone threw a party in his townhouse and I went. A few of my friends left to go buy cigarettes but I wa feeling lazy.

I should have gone.

Somehow a complaint was made and campus security showed up. Or was it RAs? Either way, they had us line up and give then our IDs.

Yeah. I was 18. And in the presence of alcohol. On school property.

I was “written up” so to speak.

It was terrible at the time! It was my first time *really* getting in trouble! I was with seniors who tried to tell me it was no big deal but –

I wanted to be an orientation guide in the summer!

I was thinking about possibly becoming an RA!

My college life was RUINED!!

It wasn’t. I had a choice at the time: take classes related to underage drinking or pay a $50 fine. I chose the classes and actually went through four f the five then kept missing the 5th OR it would get snowed out.

I ended up paying $50.



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