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Comfort Food… Sort Of…

It’s not like I really needed comfort food today. It was a bit busy at work but nothing too strenuous and I did have some down time. However, some plans got canceled so I was at a loss for dinner. I didn’t really want the fish my mom was cooking for herself and while I flirted with the idea of McDonald’s, I didn’t really want that either.

So I did what any self-respecting girl would do.

I texted Nole with, “What should I eat tonight?”

Her response was spaghetti.

Eh… Close enough.

See, I ended up calling Olive Garden and putting in an order to go. And my #1 go-to food at Olive Garden?

Ravioli di Portobello.

Or however you freaking spell it. Whatever. It’s portobello mushroom ravioli. It’s the freaking best. Seriously. I’ve always ordered it.

It’s one of the few comfort foods I have. I was allll about it.

Then I decided I wanted dessert and that’s when the sadness settled in.

You see, years ago, Olive Garden made a dessert that was basically the be-all-end-all of desserts. I had it every time I went no matter how full I was.

The chocolate lasagna.

<cue angels singing and trumpets blaring>

But it’s been gone for five years. It’s a terrible, terrible thing but I really wanted dessert. So I looked through their online menu and decided I would try the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. You can’t really go wrong with something like that, you know? I mean, look at it. That’s some good looking stuff.

So I took a bite.

It’s not chocolate lasagna but it’s pretty damn good.

Though I keep hoping and praying that Olive Garden will one day bring back my chocolate lasagna (or that I can find someone who can make it), I shall eat this little gem.

I really need to blog about something other than food…


One response to “Comfort Food… Sort Of…

  1. jilly 16 February 2011 at 12:50 pm

    I’ve never had the Ravioli di Portobello because the sauce always scares me away. I try to stick to red sauces otherwise my belly gets very angry. I like it when other people order things like that so I can steal a bite.

    I flove The Olive Garden. Don’t eat desserts there too often though. Usually too full from the bread sticks. But I do love a glass of Lambrusco. It’s a sweet read wine and it’s dirt cheap. They usually only serve it at Italian restaurants.

    I bought a bottle at the liquor store a couple months ago. Actually, I bought many bottles of wine. The problem was I don’t have a wine opener. Fortunately the Lambrusco wasn’t corked so I just unscrewed the top. The bottle was huge and it was only like $8 too. Awesome.

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