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Sorry Readers

Today was busy.

Woke up early for no reason.

Went to Costco where my mood kept getting worse and worse.

Slept from 12 – 2. Roughly.

Woke up with a fever.

Went to Quick Check to buy final things for tomorrow’s SuperBowl party.

Slept from 330 – 530. Approximately.

Shivering and freezing but no more fever.

Dinner. Soup from Chinatown and some crab legs. Not usually a fan of Dungennous crabs but these were pretty good.

Went to lie down. Still cold.

Power went out. Immediately, my room chills. Subsequently, my body chills.

Power comes back on after 20 minutes of burrowing under blankets. I was even wearing SOCKS in bed.

Read a little bit.

Body is still aching but my temperature keeps fluctuating. Very odd.

Still feel like crap so I’m planning on falling asleep now.

No interesting blog today.

Sorry dudes.


One response to “Sorry Readers

  1. jilly 7 February 2011 at 1:03 pm

    I give you major kudo points for writing your blog while sick.

    Mmmm crab legs.

    Get better soon. ❤

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