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An Addiction

One of the topics I missed last month asked what piece of technology I couldn’t live without and it had me thinking.

Once upon a time, it would have been a computer, preferably my own. However, as I learned toward the end of last year, I can handle not having a computer in my hands 24/7.

At one point, as a teenager, it was a DiscMan. Does anyone remember those? Mine came with me everywhere I went even though it skipped sometimes in the car. But music was (and still is) such a big part of my life that I needed it always. Stretching before a volleyball game? DiscMan. Want someone to hear a song? DiscMan.

But times have changed.

And I KNEW what my answer was.

Yes. My iPhone.

Obviously that particular photo is not MY iPhone. Alec is fun and has a clear case.

Anyway… This thing basically carries my life, which I’ll admit is a very scary thought. But its very true.

Hungry? I’ll look up a restaurant.
Lost? Let me check the map.
Too quiet? Time to use the iPod.
Missing my fam? Call ‘Em up. Sometimes even see them.
Important message? Hop on GChat to pass it along.

It’s crazy and probably terrible how much I’ve come to rely on the iPhone. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I lost it. There was one day that I left it at home. Goodness, I felt so completely lost all day!!

I don’t know whether to be joyous that the iPhone was created… Or ashamed that it runs so much of my life.


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