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Is Common Sense Rare?

I have to take a moment here to let out my annoyance and anger at what just happened. Pardon the TMI that may occur but I’ll try to keep it limited.

I was sick this weekend, meaning that I spent a good portion of the 3-day vacation in the bathroom. That being said, I was a little nervous when I came home today, did the #1 business before my shower, and the water wouldn’t go down.

Uh-oh. This is never good. My mom, all-knowing that she is, used a giant pot to throw hot water into the bowl. The heat should have dissipated the toilet paper that was probably stuck there. But it wasn’t working. Why not? It was so very confusing. I drove to my sister’s house and borrowed her plunger because, well, that’s the next step one would take at this point.

Nothing was happening.

Then my mother had a thought.

She asked me and my cousin if either of us threw out the paper hand towels in the toilet. Um, what? Mother, of course not; why in the world would I do that? Paper towels are not meant to go in a toilet bowl. They’re too thick and don’t break up. Who the hell would do that? Honestly…

Except my cousin looks up and says, “Yeah. I did.”

Hold up. Wait a minute. WHAT?!

Apparently, he would use the paper towels to wipe the water off of his face and then throw it into the toilet because where else would they go? I stared at him and just said, “In the garbage?” His response to that particular piece of knowledge was that the garbage was already full and there was no space.


There was space. Use the napkin you just used to push down the other napkins that were used for hands and faces as well (though I use my hair/face towel, personally). Change the damn plastic bag. Are you seriously saying that you fucked up my toilet because you didn’t know that paper towels don’t go into toilets. He said that he does it all the time in his dorm at his university. WTF, that makes even less sense but that’s not even my problems.

Luckily, I had a little bit of Draino Plumber Gel left. There wasn’t too much because I use it every few months in my bathtub (my hair tends to get tangled down there). We had to get rid of the water so I gave my cousin an old plastic storage container and told him to go to town. I now have to superclean my bathtub. <shudders> The Draino went through but it took a while. Mom and I are about to attempt to flush it out with hot water.

Here’s hoping it works because money’s tight right now and getting a plumber would be really freaking expensive.


Tell me, dear readers, am I the only one enraged and baffled by this? Isn’t it common sense to put toilet papers in the garbage? Don’t people know that only toilet paper goes into the porcelain bowl?


One response to “Is Common Sense Rare?

  1. jilly 18 January 2011 at 8:02 pm


    I learned from a very early age what can and can not be flushed, and paper towels were at the top of the not list. And even if I was never told, as an adult I think I’d question it on my own.

    And when the trash is overflowing, that means it’s time to take it out, not find creative places to shove it.

    Time for cous’ to get the boot.

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