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The Technology of Friendship

Technology wasn’t always a factor in finding new people and cultivating friendships. As a child, friendships were usually forged in the coat closet of Kindergarten or during recess. Invitations to parties were done by sending out mass amounts of notecards bought at a card store.

Nowadays, that still happens, but as we get older, technology comes into play. While there are sometimes crazy men and women on the Internet who try to find unassuming children and teenagers, it’s not always like that. Chat rooms, discussion boards, social websites, etc. have become a breeding ground for strong relationships.

Is this scary? Or is it a way for people who are uncomfortable meeting new people in public settings to find people that understand them and don’t judge them on appearances? Is one particular relationship better than the other?

I have to say that I’ve been lucky with finding people in various ways through technological ways. Some of the greatest friendships I have are with someone I’ve never seen or met in person. Despite that little oddity, I know that they are the ones who know my secrets, who won’t judge me for saying stupid comments, and who like me the way I am.

So what brought on this type of musing? It’s the birthday of someone I recently met online and I realized that she is one of the few people who I truly adore. That is, of my friends. When it’s someone’s birthday, I tend to shoot off a text or mention it on Twitter, or send an E-Card. Every now and then, though, there is someone for whom I want to do something special. Usually, it’s a friend I’ve known for a while, someone who is one of my best friends. Occasionally, it might be a little something special for one of my siblings. What makes me love today is that it was the first time I really wanted to do something special for someone I’ve never “officially” met (well, yet, I hope) but who knows so much about it that it’s probably scary.

So… Happy Birthday Amy! I hope today was wonderful and that the little things made you smile.

Also… It’s my sister’s birthday today! I’ve loved her my entire life and she deserves the best so Happy Birthday to her too!!


4 responses to “The Technology of Friendship

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  3. Sara 16 January 2011 at 1:20 am


  4. jilly 17 January 2011 at 1:51 am

    That was nice of you to squeeze your sister in there. lol

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