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Of Cakes in Cups

Cupcakes in New York City?

Most people thing Magnolia and that’s due to the lovely ladies of Sex and the City. Yes, it’s that Magnolia. I had it for the first time a few years ago (2007? 2008? Something like that). Anyway, I was a little weirded out by the fact that the cupcakes are just there for you to grab and place in a box but whatever. I was never one to need to taste the latest fad of food but someone I knew took me and, hey, why not right? So I tried it. It’s sweet. I’m not just talking the normal sugar in icing sweet. I’m talking ow my teeth hurt sweet. My verdict? I like Magnolia’s banana pudding, don’t like their cupcakes, and it’s really all about the name here but such is the case and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Then it just so happened one day that, while looking for a place to do custom cakes, Magnolia wasn’t working for myself and a friend. So we went to Crumbs… We bought a cupcake or two along the way and well, basically, I fell in lust. With cupcakes. The first one I ever tried was a plain vanilla one but I soon learned that Crumbs had a plethora of cupcakes that were delicious. The Cookie Dough climbed its way to the top of my list for sure and I also really enjoyed the Carrot. Then I went to the Crumbs in Hoboken as opposed to the NYC ones. They had a Twinkie cupcake and yeah that one is my absolute favorite. My sisters may love the Red Velvet and the Dulce de Leche but no, that Twinkie cupcake is amazing.

Sure there are other bakeries in NYC. Local ones that people claim as “their spot.” There’s the well-known places like Buttercup and Amy’s Bread and Cupcake Cafe. Heck, there’s even a place down near the tattoo parlor I went to last year that I love (though I can’t remember the name). It’s quaint and cute and has a giant Minnie Mouse as decor (a plus, I mean).

So of course, there are a million and one places to get cupcakes in the city.

I just never thought that my new cupcake love would be from outside my area.

You see, I went to a meeting at work today and, as a treat, we received cupcakes from the lovely ladies of Georgetown Cupcake. I knew about it though I never watched the show on TLC (I’ve always wanted to; I just never manage to catch it). We were perusing the four dozen cupcakes on the counter and pegged one as Red Velvet. I didn’t know that was one of their popular ones but I really love Red Velvet cake so I thought I’d try it.

Cue me feeling like I’d died and gone to heaven. It’s seriously the perfect cupcake. The cupcake is the perfect blend of moistness and firmness. The icing (the important part!) isn’t as sweet as what I’m used to with Crumbs which made it even BETTER. It has just enough sweetness and flavor to be delicious but it doesn’t overdo it. My tastebuds were happy about that. And really, the decorating on the cupcakes is adorable – simple but cute and tastefully done.

My sister – who is an avid cupcake eater like myself – had to hear about this. She too chose Crumbs as her cupcake place of choice and wants to go every time she visits. I called her and told her that I just tried Georgetown Cupcake, they were better than Crumbs, and she needed to try them.

Uhhh… Why, yes, that would be the sound of my sister and I discussing what cupcakes to have delivered to her house so we could try them. FedEx overnight shipping? Expensive, sure, but so worth these cupcakes.

I then proceeded to tell Sara A. about the cupcakes and her response was, “We should go down there one time.” Uh, done and done, lady.

I don’t care where in the US you live. These cupcakes are worth the shipping price. Go. Order some. Georgetown Cupcakes.


3 responses to “Of Cakes in Cups

  1. jilly 17 January 2011 at 1:47 am

    “The time has come,” extraordimary said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of books and lyrics and musicals
    Of cakes in cups and ringtones
    And why her temp is 96
    And whether online friends are crazy…”

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