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This is going to sound so idiotic but I learned something recently.

It’s so strange.

I really love the feeling of a clean room.

There. I said it.

You have to understand that I am notorious in my family for having the hurricane and tornado-run room. It’s this terrible thing. My room never stays neat or clean. I’ll try but it starts off with a piece of clothing on the floor or a book not returned to a shelf. The next thing I know, it’s back to a terrible mess.

But I really, really love my clean room right now. I mean, it’s just a beautiful sight to see when I walk in. It makes me smile.

I’m pathetic.


One response to “Eureka!

  1. jilly 10 January 2011 at 2:59 am

    I flove you so much! I am the exact same way. It feels so good to have a clean room/house/car/desk, and I always swear every time I clean it that it will stay that way, and four days later… well, you know.

    It’s like, I want to be organized, but I’m incapable of doing it. Just like I want to be a morning person, but going to bed before 2 AM is like torture.

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