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New Year, New Room

I do, actually, have a ‘Year in Review’ in the works for 2010 but I was a bit distracted these past few days and couldn’t get it up before that shiny ball dropped in Times Square. I was, in fact, cleaning and rearranging my room.

Gasp! Shock!

I know. Believe me, I know. As my nephew said when he found out what I did, “Wow. Awesome.” This from the kid who refuses to come into my room because it’s so terrible all the time.

But no more!

Check out the new digs! Hehe. (Click on them if you really need to see them bigger).

So this is what you would see if you walked into my room (though I took the picture from a slant). There’s the corner of my bed and my little bedside table with my lamp. My phone stays there when it needs to charge and I have books and my Kindle below for nighttime reading. And yes, that is blue Gatorade. Mmmm, so good.

Anyway, this is my little Broadway wall. Up top is a gorgeous piece my friend Mike gave me to represent Spring Awakening. Below that is a playbill of HAIR that is signed by the entire original revival cast and James Rado. Finally, an American Idiot Playbill signed by Stark Sands from the night he attempted to throw a guitar pick up at the boxes for me.

The only reason I took this picture was for the piece ABOVE the windows. It was done back in 1998 (whoa). My family has always called me Cathy and this was done at the San Diego Zoo. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Definitely click this picture so you can see the letters more clearly. My favorite is definitely the ‘A’

This would be the place I spend the most time besides my bed. I love collecting books in series (box sets or not) and these are some of them – Harry Potter (US), The Twilight Saga, The Love at Stake series, Tanya Huff’s vamp novels, Wicked Lovely, The Lord of the Rings, you get the idea! There are also a few scattered titles in there but only a few. Many of my books were boxed up because I don’t have space for them! The shelf above the frames is actually my signed shelf; I keep those together always!

That one shelf with the picture frames consists of more Broadway memorabilia. The documents are prop letters from Spring Awakening, signed by either Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele or Alexandra Socha and Hunter Parrish. There’s also a bus ticket (also a prop) from American Idiot.

Then there’s my desk. Not much to see there. I forgot to get the drawing that is on the top shelf; I’ll try to get a pic of it at some point. My brother did it back when he was in high school (when I was in 1st grade or something) and I’ve kept it this entire time! That shelf also has my perfumes and lotions; you can see some of them.

Ah! you can actually see the picture I was talking about in the earlier paragraph. Also, hanging on the wall above my desk is a painting I bought at a Greek festival.

More books but still nowhere near how many I really have. There’s the UK box set of Harry Potter and the entire Wonderful Wizard of Oz series. It’s a little bare because I used to put frames up on these shelves but I’m going to keep them empty for now. Maybe I’ll bring up some more books or just wait to fill them with new ones.

That’s just a regular dresser for clothes but my TV sits atop it. I bought it… Last year, I think? I mean.. 2009? Maybe it was 2010. Eh, that’s not really important.

You can’t actually see my entire DVD shelf but that’s the top of it (and the few that spill onto my dresser). I love collecting TV on DVD series too so if you look closely here, you’ll see LOST, Queer as Folk (US), Weeds, Caliornia Dreams, Sex and the City, Buffy… I have some others down below and then of course some other staples for me like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, plus a rack of Disney cartoons. I LOVE Disney in case you couldn’t tell from the gigantic poster of the Disney Princesses.

That hanging French board is more Broadway stuff; various tickets, cards I’ve received from actors, buttons, props, whatever. I had the board laying around and thought I’d use it.

Oh! The statue is that of Cupid and Psyche. It is my absolutely favorite sculpture ever created. I’ve had the chance to see the actual one and gah, I love that I have this miniature version of it.

I also have a jewelry tree there and, behind it, is a corkboard of a few of my necklaces. My BFF, Sara, has a huge one hanging in her room so she gave me the idea. I only did a small one thought; I probably need to get a larger one to hang on the wall. The first drawer beneath that is my jewelry drawer. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it one day.

So that’s it. My bed’s kinda lame; it’s a queen and has brown sheets. I didn’t make it since I’m about to dive beneath the comforter so there’s no need to see it. Hehe.

Anyway… This was kind of fun. Let me know if you want to see anything in particular that I mentioned (the jewelry drawer), may have missed (the Broadway drawer or the box of Playbills), or that you want to see up close (the SA frames or the DVDs). Or, you know, the floor… Those who know me… Know what a shock it is that you can actually see the floor of my room.

‘Til next time!


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