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Isn’t it Time to Turn it Off?

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been in the works for, what? Four years now? Possibly more. At this point, who can tell?

Readings have been done since as early as 2007.

Funds were kept, lost, raised, maintained, spent.

Previews and openings have been set, delayed, reset, delayed some more.

Actors are getting hurt.

Actors are getting hurt.

Yes, this is a show that carries its own brand of marketing and publicity. With all the problems and money spent on it, that’s not a surprise. What is a surprise is how often problems are happening before the show is even opening.

Accidents happen. Many shows carry them and have them occur during performances. I’m briefly reminded of Idina Menzel falling down the Wicked trap door at the start of her final week.

But this is too much.

As the fourth accident to occur, isn’t it time to admit that the show needs to either close down or, at the very least, scale back on these ‘death-defying stunts’ especially when the stunts don’t seem to be defying anything. Christopher Tierney is incredibly lucky right now that he’s alive; that fall could have been fatal.

Kudos to Actors’ Equity for shutting down the show until an investigation of the cables and the show should be done… But a cable? Breaking? Snapping? How was this never seen before? Yes, I realize freak accidents can happen but (and this is me not knowing anything of this sort) is it possible for a new cable to just snap as easily as the video showed?

I wanted to see Turn Off the Dark if only to see the big hoopla. I finally learned that they had rush seats and was willing to line up for them. I really wanted to see the show during previews since I like to see the changes that need to be made and whatnot but I just… I can’t bring myself to see this now. I feel like I’ll sit there and wonder if things will happen the way they should or if someone will get hurt.

Truly, there are just too many problems with this show for it to continue the way it is. Perhaps some people need to remember that actors’ lives are more important than flashy lights and magnificent stunts.

Maybe this is terrible of me to do but I honestly cannot stop watching the video that was taken. It’s horrifying and I’m truly trying to figure out how this happened and how the actor was still able to wave to the crowds on his way out.

Video on NY Times

Thoughts and prayers to Christopher Tierney, his friends and family, and everyone involved in this production.


One response to “Isn’t it Time to Turn it Off?

  1. Sara 21 December 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Agree. This show needs to end.

    One article I read said that the aerialists are responsible for strapping themselves into the harnesses. (An actor speaking anonymously.) Really? I know they’re professionals, they know how to do it, but how about a BACKUP SYSTEM OF CHECKING. I know that if I were a professional and knew how to strap myself in, I’d still want at least 5 people to check me before I went flying and leaping around the theatre.

    The Spidey team needs to say, “Okay, that was fun, but it’s not going to work,” and close the show. I know you spend $65 million or whatever on it, but is it really worth hurting your actors every few weeks? Not in my opinion.

    I had wanted to go see the show and laugh at the trainwreckyness but now… I can’t. I’ll be too worried that someone is going to be fatally injured.

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