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Rules to Live By

He’s an NFL star, which is probably one of the only reasons I downloaded this book when Amazon offered it for free for the Kindle. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book and by the time I finished it, I was left in a sort of limbo. On one hand, I feel like I learned valuable lessons that I actually try to execute now (such as always looking a restaurant server in the eye while speaking rather than talking to him or her as an afterthought); on the other hand, there was much I truly didn’t care about.

FIRST THINGS FIRST is a joint book from Kurt Warner (best known for his Superbowl stint with the Arizona Cardinals) and his wife, Brenda about their marriage, their children, and their life. The chapters go back and forth, first from one point of view then to the next then back and forth and so on. It doesn’t always work. Often times, the same thing is being said which means a good portion of the book is repetitive and therefore annoying. I found the chapters from Brenda filled with more extra anecdotes that I didn’t really care for or that I found extra bothersome – there are only so many ways to express distaste for fans who walk up to Kurt and ask for a picture or an autograph. While I understand that the act itself could be quite annoying, hearing it over and over again throughout the chapters becomes grating.

There are some good life lessons though, many of which were printed in the New York Times, a list of rules the Warner children follow, including the aforementioned paying attention to the restaurant server. The children have to be able to tell their parents what color eyes their server had. It’s those little things that made this book a good one.

I think FIRST THINGS FIRST is a great book to read for the lessons given. I’d recommend it to new parents or even established families who aren’t sure what to do next. I just wish there was an abridged version because I don’t really care to know about how sexy they find each other. It’s almost like hearing that from your parents.


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