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Otherworldy Romances

There are just some books and series that are created to make the readers have fun and lose themselves in another world. Judi McCoy has definitely done that with her trilogy of romances involving three muses who have fallen on the wayside – at least, by Zeus’ decree. Kyra, Zoe, and Chloe are sent to Earth with a mission set by their father. After one year, they’ll be reevaluated and then a decision will be made – either they can return to Olympus or they’ll be banished on Earth forever.

And they can’t fall in love.

That, of course, means that the girls – each with her own book – will inevitably find a man who makes her heart beat faster and get her body hot. It will probably do the same for the reader.

There’s nothing “serious” or “intellectual” about the year the sisters spend on Earth, at least not in terms of literary fiction or contemporary literature. However, McCoy does write romances that are whimsical and cause readers to smile and become nervous for the ladies as they learn what it’s like to be, well, human, almost.

Despite the seemingly frivolity with the books, I’d recommend these to anyone who’s looking to lose themselves in a fun romance. The main characters are fantastic, the plots make perfect sense, the execution of the books is lovely, and the secondary characters have the ability to steal the show – and your hearts.


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