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Waiting for More

There are some books that capture one’s attention and grips onto the reader for the length of its entirety.

Then there are the books that a reader flips through slowly, in a relaxed manner, while lounging at any given time.

Adriana Trigiani’s first foray into the young adult world, VIOLA IN REEL LIFE, fell into the latter category for me.

The writing is fluid and there’s nothing wrong with the book.

My problem lies more in the fact that I didn’t think anything of consequence really happened. It falls flat with a plot that made me think, “But what else is going to happen?”

You see, Viola is from Brooklyn and her parents drop her off at a boarding school in South Bend, Indiana. She doesn’t want to go. Boarding school isn’t really her thing and she wants to film documentaries and hang out with her best friends back in Brooklyn. For a fourteen year old, this is absolutely one of the worst things ever but then it seems that everything just falls into place for her. She gets along well with her roommate. She meets a boy. She enters a film competition. She ends up liking the school.

Yes, it depicts what may actually be a typical day in the life of a teenager (or in this case, a year) but there wasn’t anything that grabbed my attention or made me sit up and take notice. Trigiani is a writer who knows how to tell a story as can be seen in any of her adult novels but it seems that she lost her way in this one. Viola, herself, is a character that I wanted to love and understand but after a while, she just felt boring which is an absolute shame. While the book wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t one of my favorite reads.


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